Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hello bunny

I thought you all might enjoy seeing my little bunny buddies. There are usually 4-5 of these little guys around every time I visit my horses. Poor little things have had a hard winter and they've been eating the horses' leftover hay to get by.

When I went out to feed the horses last Wednesday one of these little guys was sitting on a flake of hay in front of the bales nibbling away. It didn't move when I walked past it to get the hay bags. It didn't move when I brought the bags back and cut off the ties. It didn't even move when I shook the old hay out of the bags. It was so brave that I was half expecting it not to move when I walked right past it to grab a bale of hay. Of course it did but it waited until the very last moment to do so.

This little bunny was only 4 feet away from Coriander and me, obviously hunger is doing quite a bit to overcome fear. I expect I won't be able to get anywhere near this close once the snow melts.

My horses have one of the best views in the county

Speaking of that, I was very excited to see that the forecast for the next week calls for temps mainly above freezing. Sadly that didn't include today. It was warmer at 28F, but there were bitter wind gusts blowing snow all over the place. I was planning on sitting on Gwen today but since her eyes were already bugging out of her head because of the wind I decided to forgo that plan. I'll have to see what happens tomorrow.

Can you see the snow blowing around?

One more cute story I have to add: I can see half of the pasture from the road when I arrive. Today I saw Gwen standing out by the windbreak with Butch and Rocky, Coriander was missing. I was a little concerned about that but was relieved to find that he was just being smart and taking advantage of the dominant horses being gone to eat hay under the barn in peace. I was just getting ready to bring him out of the pasture when Gwen came tearing up to us at full gallop. She blasted into the barn, slammed on the brakes with nostrils flaring, and immediately asked me to bring her out so she could eat hay chaff.

I guess I don't have to worry about her hearing!


  1. Rabbits around here wouldn't have a chance even this time of year. I have two cats that just love rabbit. Nothing worse than finding half a carcass in the hay.

    Sounds like Gwen's hearing is just fine. LOL

  2. Wow, those are some burly cats. I've only found mouse, vole, and chipmunk carcasses with mine.

  3. Beautiful views of your pastures. Those little bunnies are adorable. I feel sorry for them not having enough food this winter. I think the animals around here are suffering too. There hasn't been many deer around at all.

    Hope we warm up soon, it's snowing AGAIN right now.

  4. I agreed with GHM - your view is beautiful. I get bunnies in my back yard. The bird feeder attracts them. They have dug a hole under our shed and one under the deck. It amazes me that they can squish their bodies to fit in such small holes.

  5. Poor bunnies. The one was being very brave! I usually don't see the rabbits around my place--they don't get along with the dogs very well....

    You have some great views! Too funny about Gwen. My horses tend to have selective hearing like that, as do my dogs, and cats, etc. LOL

  6. Hi GHM, it was gorgeous here for a few days and then the wind and snow came back. Boo.

    Hi Wolfie, it must be a ton of fun watching those bunnies in your yard.

    Hi Jessie, she just knows what my car sounds like. She's going to be really confused when I get another car someday.