Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Buckaroo sidepull

I probably haven't written about this much, but I nearly always ride Coriander in a sidepull. He doesn't respond to the bit as well and since he's so spooky on the trail I don't want to risk having him stepping on a bit in his mouth if I come off and flip the reins over his head. I had a problem with my old sidepull though, it has a rope noseband, and though this hasn't happened yet, I was worried about it roughing up his nose. So I bought a gorgeous new sidepull with a leather noseband.

I got this bridle from Buckaroo Leather, it's their Ultimate Sidepull model. It was not cheap but if it lasts for the lives of the quarters it'll be worth it. I also opted for the jowel strap, it should keep the cheek pieces from gaping and twisting.

I was super pleased when it arrived. Let me tell you, that leather is like buttah, it feels fantastic. I got a pair of reins to go with it and they literally melted into softness the first time I used them. I'm not sure if Coriander appreciates the exquisiteness of the leather or not but I feel like it was money well spent.

What's going on?
You're taking pictures?
Okay, I'll model
I also managed to pop it on Gwen's head. Everything that goes on her beautiful face has to pass her extensive approval process before she accepts its presence, so she's still not too sure about it. Looks good on her though, so I think she needs to get over it. I'm sorry about this picture, I didn't realize when I took it that it would make anyone who looks at it feel like they're on a roller-coaster. I also left the buckles undone in case she felt like throwing a fit about it so it doesn't look as neat as it should.
Gwen is skeptical
If you're looking for a nice sidepull and don't mind spending a little money, I highly recommend the Buckaroo Ultimate Sidepull.

Now watch it break on me...


  1. Very nice. I'm not familiar with sidepulls at all. Are the same as what people call bitless bridles?

  2. It looks gorgeous on both of them!

  3. This is exactly the sidepull that Mark Rashid put on horse no. 1 in my series of 2010 clinic posts (on my sidebar) - I'm thinking of getting one myself as I'm not all that satisfied with the Dr. Cook's. I'm also thinking of putting a sidebar on my blog with all the various bitless options.

  4. Hi Carol, they work off nose pressure, a lot of the bitless bridles that are specifically advertised that way work off poll/jaw pressure. Those kind of weird me out.

    Thanks Wolfie, I agree!

    Kate I think I actually found this bridle through one of your posts. Thank you! It really is a beautiful piece of tack, I can see why Mark Rashid had some with him.