Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The proof is in the pudding

Gwenevere isn't registered and she'll be 6 next week.  Fortunately for me AQHA is running a sale on registering older horses this year, instead of the $1000 it would normally cost to register her, it'll cost me $300.  It's definitely worth it, registration gives her some insurance in case something happens to me.  Once I'm back on my feet in June that will be my #1 priority (I was going to do it this month but grooming her up for the pictures is beyond me right now).

I was looking back through her pedigree to get some naming ideas (I'll have another post on this, I need some creative assistance), and I found something interesting.  Three Bars shows up in her pedigree 7 times!

Three Bars is considered one of the foundation sires for American Quarter Horses, btw he was a thoroughbred.  Three Bars himself was a successful racehorse and his owners were most interested in using him as a racing sire because his get were FAST.  Nowadays he's much better known for his non-racing descendants, his offspring have had huge influences in every facet of quarter horse life.  Notable descendants include Impressive, Zippo Pine Bar, Doc Bar, and Dash For Cash. 
Anyway, since he shows up so many times in Gwen's lineage I was wondering about his temperment.  Horseman magazine ran a story about him in 1968, you can read it here if you'd like, but here's the bit I found most pertinent to my own horse:

"Three Bars was ridden and exercised under a stock saddle like 
any other western horse—particularly during breeding season—
until about 1962, according to Vail.

"Yes, he was easy to handle but Three Bars was full of fire. 
He was one of the nicest horses you'd want to have around. 
But he didn't like to be brushed or have his feet trimmed. 
He'd show a lot of white in his eye. If you didn't know him, 
you'd think he was thinking about eating you up.

"Sometimes he would make a dive at you, but he wouldn't hurt you. 
Like I say, Three Bars had a lot of fire to him. Guess that's what 
made him live so long. I was with the horse for twenty-three years." 

He showed a lot of white in his eye? Does this sound like anyone I know?
This is how much white there is in her eyes when she's calm.  When she's upset it goes all the way around.  This is actually my barn owner's chief complaint about her, Gwen always looks anxious because her eyes are always showing white.  

It seems my girl has a good excuse: it's genetic.


  1. Wow. What a beautiful horse Three Bars was! I read the story - so interesting. I think both Coriander and Gwen look like him. So perhaps Gwen is just firey, and not anxious. :-) Knowing her background will definitely help you to work with her. Come on June!

  2. He was quite the looker wasn't he? I agree that you can see a lot Three Bars in my horses, especially that hip (BTW, Coriander has Three Bars in his lineage 6 times, his sire is more halter bred than Gwen's).

  3. BTW, I LOVE the new picture of Gwen and Coriander in the header!

  4. Doesn't he look like the sweetest horse ever in that picture?

  5. Great picture of the horses on your header. It's always interesting to learn more about our horses lineage and how their ancestors personalities tie in with ours. I would like to look up Dusty and Blue's lines. I have their papers but don't know much about QH lines. A previous farrier told me Dusty had some good horses in her line, but I wouldn't know. I was always more interested in the Dutch Warmbloods and their lines since that was my first horse and first love. I'll have to get more into the QH lines now that I have two as my only riding horses. Years ago we had the most wonderful QH paint who's eyes always had that white around them. I just think it means real intelligence, he was the smartest horse I ever met. So tell your barn owner that the really smart horses have white around their eyes.

  6. Hi GHM, Dusty probably does have Three Bars back in there somewhere. When you check it out, look for any horse that has Bar or Bars in their name. I venture to guess that she has Doc Bar in her lineage.

    Gwen is very intelligent, so I think you're on to something with white in the eye equaling smarts. I could tell my BO that but I don't think it will make her feel any better.